Bee care and treatment

The bees are not pets as it is about the dog or the cat. The honeybee is a wild animal which the beekeeper brought to his vicinity. Precisely for this reason, bees need a certain care and attention from the beekeeper, as the original landscape in which bees have lived for millions of years has been destroyed by humans. In Germany, there is no square meter of land that is not cultural landscape, that is changed by man. Beekeepers have numerous opportunities to influence their bee population, including not only the harvest of honey. Whether the rehabilitation of weak bee colonies, the renewal of honeycombs. Special attention must also be paid to the queen. Bee dwellings must be freed from propolis. Bee care also includes the repair of beehives and the installation of peoples in sheltered sunny places. At the fly hole is already to notice whether the people are doing well, the bees collect diligently Pollen is usually all right in the hive.


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