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Bee hives The modern beehive, often also known as a beehive, is available in a large selection from beekeepers. The history of beehives is long. It all started, sometime in the hollow tree. In the Middle Ages these bees were then assigned to the Zeidler. If such a bee tree fell, the piece with the bees was taken home, the first block hive was created. Man with his ingenuity then started to recreate this tree hollow. The introduction of the mobile construction was, so to speak, the initial spark for the modern hives and magazines. Over time, a variety of hive types and frame dimensions have developed so that the right bee hive can be found for everyone. Professional offshoot formation as reserve bee colonies in offshoot boxes. Magazines that allow multiple honeycomb dimensions and the Mini-Plus hive system commonly used in queen breeding. Made in solid carpentry or from Styrofoam by Stehr.

Filing boxes

Storage boxes for various honeycomb dimensions. Offspring is one...

Bee hive from Segeberg

Die Segeberger Styropor Bienenbeute, wohl bekannteste Beute aus...

Mini-Plus hive system

The Mini Plus Beehive System is a well-thought-out system of...

Combi bees hive system

Product information combi prey by Stehr Combi bee hive system,...

Round grille / barrier grille

The beekeeper understands the term grate which is placed between...

Loot accessories

The beehive, commonly referred to as bee hive, should be as...

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Bieno lining frame with dome

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