Wax extraction and processing

Beeswax is another product of bees. The beekeeper carries out the beeswax extraction and processing in several stages. It is used in many different ways by humans. Whether as candle wax, in the food industry as a release agent, or in cosmetics. Beeswax is an indispensable natural product that is also indispensable in modern industry. The beekeeper uses the wax obtained from the beekeeper with a wide variety of means to solder the central walls of his bee colonies into the honeycomb frames. The extracted beeswax is also used for candle production. The wax is extracted with sun wax melter, steam wax melter or exchange of the old honeycomb for new middle walls. Many different devices and technologies have been devised for processing the raw wax. But there are also many gradations in the composition and purity of beeswax. An important quality feature are the hydrocarbons (paraffin content) which, as natural components, do not exceed 15%. In cosmetics, beeswax is used to make ointments, lipsticks and soaps. The beekeeping industry also speaks of a wax cycle. The beekeeper guides part of the wax obtained back to the bees in the form of center walls. The wax obtained from the honeycomb in the brood chamber is then used for other purposes.

Wax extraction

Beeswax was already used in the Egypt of the Pharaohs. The wax, a...