Pollen and propolis

Everyone knows honey as a product of the bees, but the beekeeper and his bees harvest many other bee products from the beehive. Bee pollen, bee bread, propolis and royal jelly are terms that everyone knows but is also known where they come from and how they are harvested? These beekeeping products are harvested equally by organic beekeepers. Pollen is often imported from warmer countries due to the particularly wide range of flowers. All bee products are subject to strict controls like all foods and nutritional supplements, so that the highest quality is always guaranteed.

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Propolistinktur Alkoholfrei in Glycerin 20ml - Naturprodukt zur ( Kosmetischen )- Anwendung auf der Haut und im Mundraum. Ideal auch für Kinder. Auch für die Haustiere Hund und Katze geeignet. 

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