Beekeeping broom

The bee broom is a tool used by the beekeeper who, unlike normal hand brushes, has only one row of bristles. These bristles are made of different materials. Horsehair bristles and plastic bristles, in different overall lengths, are the preferred materials. With a sturdy handle that is easy to grasp even with beekeeping gloves, made of wood or plastic. With this beekeeping broom, bees are simply swept away from the honeycomb, the lid and the inside of the prey. The beekeeper must adjust the sweeping width and the length of the broom to his size. The broom should be cleaned regularly. Propolis and wax quickly attach to the wooden handle of the bee broom. The beekeeper is well advised to use separate tools for each apiary to avoid the transmission of bee diseases from booth to booth.

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Der kleine Bienenbesen für die tägliche bearbeitung der Bienenvölker. Naturbelassener Holzgriff mit fest eingesetzten Naturhaarborsten. Der leicht geschwungene Griff sorgt für eine gute Handhabung des Besen. die Mittellangen Borsten sorgen dafür das bei der Benutzung keine Bienen zu schaden kommen.
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