Casting molds

The production of beeswax candles, as a shaped candle, has a long tradition. If these were used exclusively for lighting in the past, they are now more of a decoration. The casting mold is therefore today provided with decorations for the candle. Depending on the candle size, use and shape, beeswax candles are used on different occasions. The candle surface is designed accordingly for the Christmas candle, wedding candle or as a tealight insert. The candle color is another design option, so the candle blank can be decorated with mother-of-pearl, glitter and differently colored waxes. These molds for candle wax are suitable for all types of wax. No matter whether beeswax or parrafin candle wax. Handmade mold candles with high quality motifs are always a welcome gift. Should a casting fail, the candles can be melted down again and the wax reused.